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ON Semi adds device options to linear voltage regulator lineup

ON Semiconductor has added 63 LDO device options across four product families, all for automotive applications.

The parts range from highly integrated, high-voltage regulators for MPU/MCU applications to low-noise, low quiescent current ICs for post-regulated environments, according to Sri Jandhyala, director of automotive market development. Many of the regulators include features such as watchdog timers and delay/reset circuitry.

"The increase in overall automotive electronic content and decreasing CPU voltages are driving the need for voltage regulators with higher precision, lower output voltages, advanced supervisory functions and low quiescent current," Jandhyala says, adding that the new LDOs deliver a broad array of currents and features while remaining stable over a large range of output capacitance and ESR values.

Adjustable and fixed voltages are available down to 1.5 V. There are five new devices in the NCV42xx family, seven in the NCV850x, and two in the NCV55x. The devices are available in a choice of packages and voltage outputs.

Jandhyala describes the NCV42xx devices as robust LDOs with integrated features such as fault protection and thermal overload. The NCV850x regulators are micro-power LDOs that provide an adjustable output and fixed outputs, and the NCV55x family consists of ultralow quiescent current devices.

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