Power Electronics

Sanmina-SCI units add signal management capability

Sanmina-SCI Corp., a global electronics manufacturing services company, said its automotive and cables divisions have begun to offer integrated signal-management solutions.

David McNaughton, an applications engineer in the cables division, said the solutions enable quick feasibility studies to determine critical electrical and mechanical constraints early in a project development process. Automotive OEMs can save time and money by determining sooner that cable routing changes and/or component substitution are needed.

Sanmina-SCI simulates signals from a transmitter to a receiver. "As higher bus speeds are introduced into vehicles, the need for signal management becomes critical to maintain the electrical parameters necessary to achieve optimum system performance and avoid intersystem interference," McNaughton said, adding that his firm can now “test components and create S parameters for standard automotive components not normally used at these frequencies in order to evaluate their performance.”

The technology allows system upgrades to be evaluated, enabling high-bandwidth options to be implemented rapidly with minimum design modifications.

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