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SAE, Cadpo deliver CAD certification course in Shanghai

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and CAD Potential, Inc. (Westminser, CO) earlier this month delivered their first Automotive CAD Certification course at the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) Group's Training Center in Shanghai, China. SAIC is China’s leading manufacturer of passenger cars.

The class included 20 certification candidates from SAIC companies, including General Motors and Delphi, Shanghai Huizong Automotive Manufacturing Company and Automotive Gear Manufacturing.

"The Body/Structures training that has just completed was a great success,” says Jiang Jianhua, vice-director, Shanghai Automotive Industry Training Center (SAITC). Adds Wang Ying Lin, associate professor and manager of Training Management, "As SAITC companies move aggressively into automotive design, we need to continue to upgrade our design engineers to learn automotive design best practices. The SAE Automotive CAD Professional Training and Certification program is very timely to meet SAITC and also China's design and development needs now."

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