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RaySat raises 2-inch in-motion satellite antenna

Eyeing the potential for rear-seat satellite television, RaySat Inc. is offering a two-inch high antenna as either an in-roof (Stealthray) or on-roof (Stingray LP) device.

RaySat President and CEO Samer Salameh said the new antenna is three inches shorter than competing models, with the in-roof version almost invisible.

Other members of the senior management team at RaySat, which bagged $10 million in first-round venture funding last June, are Yoel Gat, chairman; Dan DiFonzo, chief technical officer, and Liav Even-Chen, CFO.

Salameh said the number of SUVs and RVs with rear-seat entertainment capability is doubling every year in the United States. Some 1.4 million vehicles with the capability were sold in 2003.

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