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New Honda truck uses BorgWarner torque management system

BorgWarner will provide its electronically controlled, all-wheel drive InterActive Torque Management II (ITM II) system to the 2006 Honda Ridgeline, the mid-size front-wheel drive-based pickup with which Honda Motor Co. will officially enter the truck market. BorgWarner will also supply components for the vehicle's transmissions, and clutchpack assemblies for the ITM.

Compared with passive, mechanical all-wheel drive systems, the ITM is said to offer better handling and fuel economy, improved security, and more flexibility, according to Cindy Niekamp, president and general manager of BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems.

Patented technology in the ITM system senses when a vehicle's front wheels slip and instantly transfers power to the rear wheels. The system controls the rear wheels individually to offer side-to-side or single-wheel torque management.

The system is based on electronic innovations developed for rear-wheel drive systems for larger sport utility vehicles in the mid-1990s. BorgWarner plans to adapt the technology for use in front-wheel drive vehicles, including minivans, station wagons, cars and crossover vehicles (sport utility vehicles on car platforms).

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