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Navigation device includes all of North America

Previously available in Europe, the iCN 650 portable navigation device from Navman, priced around $1,200, includes maps of the United States and Canada on its automotive-rated hard drive.

The unit’s SmartST Version 3 software provides a planning utility for trips with up to 12 destinations; a U.S. base map with major interstate, highway, and select primary road detail; point-of-interest import, search and notification; topographic polygon display; 2-D mini-maps for text-only instruction view, and 2004 Tele Atlas map data.

Other features include a 3.8-inch, 320 x 240 display screen; eight-way directional keypad; integrated GPS antenna; USB port; 12 V cigarette lighter adapter; windshield mounting bracket; voice and visual driving instructions; address-to-address and town-to-town routing; a points-of-interest library; ZIP code search; Back-on-Track re-routing when off-course; the ability to pre-select areas to avoid; a route summary; automatic and manual zooming; selectable map views; day and night screen modes, and a 3-D map display option.

"Walking out of a store with a lightweight, all-in-one navigation device that's ready to use right out of the box is a far cry from costly custom-installs or products requiring PC connectivity for registration,” sniffs George Arnott, president of Navman USA.

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