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Motorola-Qualcomm deal extends location-based services

Motorola and QUALCOMM have agreed to offer Motorola’s Viamoto location-based service via QUALCOMM’s BREW distribution system, thus wireless CDMA operators will be able to offer the Motorola navigation solution to their subscribers.

According to the Yankee Group, one-third of all wireless users are interested in receiving location-based information such as driving directions. In-Stat/MDR reports that more than 60% of users want software that helps determine their location or the location of their friends.

Under the agreement, Motorola will be able to develop and publish other applications and extensions in addition to Viamoto for wireless CDMA operators that use the BREW solution. Motorola has also agreed to provide BREW LBS extensions that will enable software developers to add Viamoto turn-by-turn direction capabilities to other BREW applications such as fleet management, customer relationship management and field service applications for enterprises to points-of-interest finders and location-based games for consumers.

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