Power Electronics

Linear Technology dc/dc controller for step-down, step-up, inverting or SEPIC circuits

Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT3724, a single-chip, -40 ºC to 125 ºC-rated dc/dc controller for use in step-down, step-up, inverting or SEPIC circuits with up to 100 W of output power. A power supply incorporating the device can convert 4 V to 60 V input supplies to a regulated output ranging from 1.23 V to 36 V.

The LT3724 features current mode operation, for stability over a wide range of voltages and load currents, accurate short-circuit protection, and fast line and load transient response. Its constant 200 kHz switching frequency simplifies output noise filtering, reduces inductor and capacitor size and improves efficiency, the company said. An on-board gate driver is capable of driving large N-channel MOSFETs, and burst mode operation can reduce quiescent current to less than 100 microamps for maintaining high efficiency at light loads. Operating efficiency at full load is slightly less than 95%. An internal high-voltage bias regulator allows for simple biasing and can be back-driven to increase efficiency.

Other features include precision undervoltage lockout, 10 microamp shutdown current, and programmable soft-start to minimize overshoot at startup. The LT3724 is available in a thermally enhanced 16-pin TSSOP.

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