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Jaguar adopts Motorola Bluetooth technology for hands-free communication

Motorola Inc. and Jaguar have joined hands to develop the Jaguar Bluetooth System, a hands-free in-vehicle communication system that uses Bluetooth wireless technology and will be installed in all 2005 model year Jaguar vehicles.

After completing a one time "pairing" between the Jaguar Bluetooth system and a Jaguar-certified Bluetooth mobile phone, owners can make and receive hands-free phone calls while inside the car, without the phone having to be physically connected to the vehicle.

Drivers can use the system’s integrated steering wheel and audio system controls to answer a call, scroll through phonebook entries where applicable, or initiate a call. An optional voice recognition feature enables the driver to place or receive calls with simple voice commands. When a call is received, the name or phone number of the caller is displayed to the driver and the car stereo is automatically muted. If the driver chooses to accept the call, it is broadcast through the audio system inside the car. The system is specifically tuned to each vehicle and features noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to minimize background noise.

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