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Coilcraft's AGM2222 series power inductor

High-Efficiency Power Inductors Optimized for 48-V Automotive Apps

Coilcraft’s AGM2222 series of power inductors is available in 13 inductance values, from 1.9 to 10 µH.

Coilcraft’s new AGM2222 series power inductors offer current ratings of up to 110 A and low DCR in a 22- x 22- x 23-mm package—a 73% volume reduction from previous-generation products. According to the company, this improvement in power density makes the AGM2222 a good fit in high-current applications, including automotive bidirectional 12 to 48-V dc-dc converters.

The AGM2222 series is available in 13 inductance values, from 1.9 to 10 µH. It's qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (-40 to 125°C ambient), suiting it for automotive and other high-temperature applications. Soft saturation is stable over temperature and enables high-peak current handling, says Coilcraft. Magnetic shielding reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) at high switching frequencies.

Complete technical specifications and free evaluation samples of the AGM2222 series are available here. Parts are available from stock.

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