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High-brightness, surface-mount LEDs target interior and exterior automotive applications

Working as co-development partners, Agilent Technologies Inc. and Lumileds Lighting have introduced Envisium Power PLCC-4 (plastic leaded chip carrier) surface-mount (SMT) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) targeting automotive exterior and interior lighting requirements. Exterior applications include center high-mounted stoplights, front turn signals, rear combination turn, tail and stoplights, and mirror turn signals. Interior lighting opportunities include instrument panel and control backlighting, central console backlighting and navigation and audio systems.

Available in red, red-orange and amber, the new LEDs fill the need for mid-power illumination capabilities between the current Agilent PLCC-4 products, operating at up to 200 mW power levels, and Lumileds Lighting's Luxeon LED light sources that operate at power levels of 1 W and higher.

The use of Lumileds’ TS AlInGaP (transparent-substrate aluminum indium gallium phosphide) LED die enables the new LEDs to produce higher luminous flux output than other PLCC-4 LEDs on the market, according to Soo-Ghee Lee, vice president and general manager for the optoelectronic products division in Agilent's semiconductor products group.

The Envisium Power PLCC-4 SMT LEDs have a substrate consisting of a molded plastic reflector on top of a bent lead frame. The die is attached within the reflector cavity, and the cavity is encapsulated by an Agilent-proprietary epoxy blend. The package design and careful selection of component materials is said to allow the LEDs to perform reliably over the -40 C to +100 C temperature range. The package can be driven at high current, and is compatible with both IR-solder reflow and through-the-wave soldering.

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