Power Electronics

Hall-effect current sensors in SOIC8

Allegro MicroSystems Inc. has introduced the ACS704 family of Hall-effect magnetic field sensors in SOIC8 packaging, with the current path integrated into the package for better sensitivity and accuracy.

Targeting automotive applications among others, the 1.7 mm high sensors are available in 15 amp and 5 amp versions. They measure bidirectional ac or dc currents by measuring the field generated by the current flow. They offer a minimum of 800 V of isolation without the use of additional components because no electrical connection exists between the current path and sensing circuit.

Allegro’s sensors are said to provide a monolithic solution smaller than other integrated current path Hall-effect sensors that specify comparable sensitivity, and to offer better accuracy, more sensitivity, and greater creepage and clearance distances than trace-straddling sensors. Accuracy typically exceeds 1.5% at 25 degrees C, the company said.

The sensors operate from a single +5 V supply and have an output ratiometric to the supply voltage. Resistance is 1.5 milliOhms, which contributes to low power loss and voltage drop.

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