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Guidepoint debuts in-vehicle access panel

Guidepoint Systems (Pontiac, Mich.) is offering a dashboard-mountable switch that lets drivers call for help by pressing a button.

The Guidepoint access panel, which works with standard cell phones or pagers, links vehicles to Guidepoint’s response center via OnCall alerts.

Consumers can also use the switch to arm/disarm a “Security Fence” feature with a one-mile radius, according to Guidepoint President and CEO Rand Mueller. “If the vehicle is driven or towed out of that area without authorization, the response center will notify the owner and, if necessary, contact the authorities,” he says. Graphics on the panel display a fence and a phone. A blue light shows system status and acts as a theft deterrent.

"Lots of cars already have flashing red lights from factory-installed security systems and anti-theft radios," explains. "We wanted to differentiate and simplify the Guidepoint Access Panel to make it easy to use and easy to install," Mueller explains.

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