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Fujitsu display controller features geometry engine

A 32-bit graphics display controller from Fujitsu Microelectronics America for vehicle navigation and other video display applications, includes a geometry engine that uses a floating point format to performs precise numerical operations for graphics processing.

With 33 MHz performance and a PCI interface, the Coral PA device (MB86296)enables data transfer at 70 Mb/s. It incorporates external memory interfaces that can be linked with SDRAM or Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM), and it’s compatible with other Fujitsu controllers, including the Orchid (MB86292) and Cremson (MB86290A).

Other features include 2D and 3D drawing and digital video capture capabilities; 3D rendering, including Gouraud shading, and alpha blending for transparent effects.

Senior marketing manager Dan Landeck says the Coral PA can display video and drawing images on the same screen to deliver highly detailed maps or images to drivers or passengers. "This latest controller provides increased PCI bandwidth, dual display output, and video upscaling and downscaling,” he notes.

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