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Ford deploys SKF wheel hub bearing with integrated sensor

In three of its 2005 vehicles--the Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis--Ford is using a wheel hub bearing unit designed by SKF that features an integrated sensor for brake systems. The sensor is designed to eliminate leak paths into the bearing, thus improving durability and minimizing the potential handling damage that can occur during sensor servicing.

A detachable cable connects the wheel hub bearing unit to the braking system. "With traditional designs, the cable and sensor were one-piece systems, making servicing of the cable, sensor or bearing separately a challenge," says Gregg Rasmussen, vice president, SKF Car Business-North America.

To further improve bearing performance and serviceability, SKF applies a corrosion-protective paste to the flange face (the surface between the hub bearing and brake rotor). Rasmussen says the paste minimizes rust and run-out, and improves overall performance. A protective, plated sleeve is inserted between the steel bearing and aluminum knuckle to help prevent galvanic corrosion, which makes servicing the bearing much easier.

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