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Firms eye automotive applications for biometrics

SENSE Holdings Inc. said it’s working with Intier Automotive Closures Inc. on automotive applications for biometric technology. SENSE will supply fingerprint sensors, software matchers and other biometric hardware and software to Intier, which specializes in door modules, handles, window systems, power-closing systems and latching systems.

The firms envision a system in which a user’s fingerprint would enable vehicle access and operation, eliminating the need for a key or a fob. The relevant biometric patent, however, encompasses biometric technologies including voice, iris and face recognition, in addition to fingerprint.

"Biometrics is an evolving technology that Intier would look to integrate with existing automotive systems," said Dale Karolak, Intier’s vice president of product engineering. "The technology offers convenience and security with no physical device to carry or lose."

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