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European bus makers steer toward Iteris LDW

Iteris Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.) said three European bus manufacturers--EvoBus GmhH, Mercedes-Benz Omnibusse, and MAN Busse--have adopted Iteris’ lane departure warning (LDW) technology for use in future vehicles intended for long-haul travel.

The buses are using a modified version of the LDW system currently installed on more than 8,000 trucks in Europe and the United States. “After success in both the worldwide commercial truck and passenger car markets, we believe the bus market is a natural next step for widespread LDW deployment," says Iteris President and CEO Jack Johnson. “While accidents involving buses and coaches account for only 3% of roadway casualties, the number of passengers these vehicles carry often results in an increased number of fatalities and serious injury.”

The LDW system uses image recognition software and proprietary algorithms to monitor the relative position of the bus or coach. If the vehicle unintentionally crosses the lane markings, the system automatically emits a distinctive seat vibration on the right or left side, depending on the direction of travel. Use of the vehicle's turn signals automatically overrides the system. Infiniti plans to install the LDW on 2005 model passenger vehicles in the United States.

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