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Clarity nabs Intelligent Surround technology

Audio software specialist Clarity Technologies Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement with ISP Technologies (Waterford, Mich.) to complete the development and commercialization of ISP’s “Intelligent Surround” technology for automotive and home theater environments. The technology is said to be able to decode any stereo signal into multidimensional, multichannel surround sound.

"Unlike other technologies trying to achieve similar goals, (with Intelligent Surround) there is no compromise in the stereo separation of the left and right front or the left and right surround channels,” claims Buck Walter, who invented the technology.

Intelligent Surround is based on patent-pending Dynamic Spectral Matrix (DSM) technology, which provides a surround matrix that constantly monitors the left and right or center channel signal amplitude and bandwidth and subtracts the dominant center channel portion of the spectrum from the left and right channels.

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