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BorgWarner variable force solenoid enhances GM V6 engine performance

General Motors is using a variable force solenoid from BorgWarner Emissions/Thermal Systems on a new family of V6 engines.

The solenoid is designed to work in conjunction with a camshaft phaser as part of the engine's variable cam timing system. The timing system controls the flow of air into and out of an engine by allowing the camshaft to be dynamically phased relative to its crankshaft. The solenoid is the main interface between the engine’s computer and the camshaft phaser, and is designed to deliver just the right amount of force to control engine valve timing for optimal performance.

The ability to control valve timing dynamically results in improved fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions and greater engine power. A patent is pending on the solenoid, which is being used in the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 2006 Chevrolet Impala, and Pontiac G6 with 3.5 liter and 3.9 liter V6 engines.

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