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AVX X8R capacitors target high-temperature applications

AVX Corporation said it’s developing a range of capacitors especially for high-temperature (up to 150 °C) applications such as underhood sensors for the automotive industry. The capacitors are manufactured with an X8R dielectric material that has a capacitance variation of 15% between –55 °C and +150 °C. They incorporate AVX’ FLEXITERM soft termination system, which is said to allow almost three times greater board flexure than standard termination systems (5 mm minimum vs. 2 mm). Tin and conductive epoxy termination are also available.

"The development of the X8R ceramic capacitors was driven by the needs of our customers who couldn't find capacitors that consistently met the requirements of their demanding high-temperature applications," said AVX product manager Tim Hollander. "Providing this series with our FLEXITERM(TM) termination system provides further advantage to customers by offering enhanced resistance to temperature cycling and mechanical damage."

Standard and automotive AEC-Q200-qualified capacitors are available in voltages from 25 V to 50 V with capacitance tolerance of ±5%, ±10% and ±20%. Prices start at $0.03 in quantities of 10,000. Delivery time is stock to 10 weeks.

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