Power Electronics

Automotive-grade ECU connector saves space

A harness-to-PCB electronic control unit connector system from ITT Cannon is said to reduce installed cost and save board space compared with conventional pin and socket designs. The modular, landed contact system uses a plug assembly and encases power and signal contacts in a custom housing. A latching system within the housing is said to ensure secure, reliable mating to the PCB.

By effectively eliminating the female half of the connector system, ITT Cannon’s solution offers installed cost savings of 30% or more. It meets USCAR and SAE J 2030 environmental requirements, and is designed to mate directly to an engine management system mounted directly on an engine. Its footprint is approximately 20% smaller than traditional wire-to-board solutions, and offers greater reliability than systems that require soldering a connector half to a PCB. ECU contacts can be configured for power (up to 7A) and signal (1A), according to customer requirements. The devices are sealed to IP69K, withstand high vibration, and operate across a –55 degreeC to +125 degree C temperature range.

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