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Amerigon climate control seat available on 2006 Lincoln Zephyr

Amerigon Inc. said its proprietary climate control seat system, which allows individual passengers to control the heating and cooling of their seats, will be available as an option on the Lincoln Zephyr, as well as the Lincoln Navigator, Aviator and LS. The system is also available for the Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition, and the Mercury Monterey minivan.

The system provides cooling and heating to seat occupants via a proprietary solid-state heat pump combined with an active, microprocessor-controlled temperature management system. Ambient air is drawn into the system from the cabin of the vehicle and is heated or cooled based on input from individual seat controls and from temperature sensors built into the CCS. The heat pump is built around a solid-state thermoelectric device that rapidly converts electric current into the desired thermal effect (hot or cold).

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