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AMD chip drives F1 supercomputer

A Linux supercomputer powered by 530 AMD Opteron chips is helping Formula One team Sauber Petronas (Hinwil, Switzerland) optimize racing performance by processing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data.

More than 70% of the factors that affect Formula One racing success involve aerodynamics, says team principal Peter Sauber. CFD is a key factor in aerodynamic performance, and the supercomputer can increase Sauber Petronas’ CFD calculation capacity by a factor of almost 30. The result should be a significant reduction in lap times.

Sauber says the x86-compatible, 32-bit and 64-bit processor enables the team to simulate more complex variables with greatly improved accuracy in reduced time, compared with the team's past supercomputer. The less time required for aerodynamic development and testing, the more time available for track testing on tire and engine development.

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