Power Electronics
Session 7: Advances in Discrete Power Semiconductors

Session 7: Advances in Discrete Power Semiconductors

Designers want to know about new options for rectifiers and transistors. The Session moderator David Morrison goes through a “Understanding Device Ratings” tutorial with Eric Persson, Executive Director of Global FAE, International Rectifier Corporation.

Session Abstract: This session explores challenges of power packaging, silicon and new materials: the key message here is that as power devices improve and move ever closer to the theoretical limit of silicon performance, understanding thermal design and safe operating areas becomes more critical and challenging. Packaging is now as important as silicon technology, as the die can have such low on-resistance that wire bonds and interconnects dominate the overall losses. Moreover, getting heat out of the package, whether through the bottom and/or top of the package, and how to effectively heatsink devices is now as much a challenge as the electrical design. New materials such as GaN allow opportunities to expand beyond limits of silicon.


Eric Persson, Executive Director of Global FAE at International Rectifier, is a veteran of the power electronic industry with more than 20 years experience in power electronic design, including inverters, motor drives, AC-DC and DC-DC converters. He is an internationally recognized author and speaker, having presented more than 50 tutorials and papers at conferences including APEC, PESC, IAS, IECON, PCIM Europe, HFPC, EPE, Power Systems World, among others. In addition he has presented power electronic short courses and lectures at the University of Minnesota, UW Madison, and Purdue University. Mr. Persson holds 12 US and foreign patents, and is a recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal.

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