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Session 4: Novel Power System Architectures/Energy Harvesting

Session 4: Novel Power System Architectures/Energy Harvesting

With the focus on green technologies, energy harvesting is one of several new approaches to power systems that is generating “good vibrations” among designers. Moderator Don Tuite talks to Arthur Chait of Eosystems Arthur Chait – Eosystems to find out more.

Session Abstract: There is growing awareness of nano and other “tiny” technologies. But the technology to link the tiny to the macro world has not kept pace. The gap between the world of nano and macro is immense. We refer to this space as “Just Plain Miniature (JPM).” EoPlex builds complex 3-D devices (containing multiple materials proportioned in the range of 20 microns to 20 millimeters) that engineers find problematic to construct by any other technique.

This session will investigate three case study profiles on components that EoPlex is building: Piezoelectric Energy Harvester, Fuel Cell Reformer and Chip Dielectric Antenna. These devices are all break through designs made possible by the new High Volume Print Forming technology.


Arthur L. Chait, Chairman, President and CEO, was previously a senior executive of Solectron Corporation, a leading contract manufacturing firm, with revenues in excess of $12 Billion/year. Chait had responsibility for Solectron’s Global Account Organization, representing over 70% of the company’s revenue with customers including: Cisco, IBM, Nortel, Dell, Sun, HP, Compaq, Agilent, Ericsson, Lucent, Motorola, Apple, Intel and others. He also had worldwide responsibility for marketing and helped lead Solectron into new markets including: automotive, consumer electronics and industrial. Chait was part of the senior team at Solectron that grew the company from $6.1 Billion in FY98 to $18.6 Billion in FY01. Mr. Chait’s career also includes: SRI International where he was SVP of the worldwide consulting group with a staff of over 600; Zitel Corporation where he was GM and SVP of the software division; Booz Allen & Hamilton where he was Senior Engagement Manager; The PA Consulting Group (UK) where he was GM for North America, and Dresser/Halliburton where he was Director, Product Development. He serves on the Boards of Blue Iguana Networks and TechVenture Networks, and was past Board Chair of the Challenge Learning Center, a non-profit organization that assists “at risk” young people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Chait is a past recipient of the Steinmetz Medal from GE. Mr. Chait holds two degrees: a BS degree in Ceramic and Materials Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA in Strategy from the University of Pittsburgh.

Affilliations: IEEE, IMAPS, ACER, Keramos

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