High-density motor hits 90% efficiency

The heart of the 2000-W RE 50 is an ironless rotor for detent-free running and minimized mass inertia. A two-pole neodymium permanent magnet combined with special winding technology results in high torque and acceleration. The drive measures 50 × 108 mm and is available with four different windings. Features include 0.38-Nm nominal torque, 2,800 to 5,700-rpm nominal speed, and more than 90% efficiency.

Low 24.70-Vdc nominal voltage and high power density make the RE 50 suitable for use in battery-powered applications, such as electric vehicles, transport and logistics equipment, mobile systems, and robots. The modular system also offers matching planetary gearheads, encoders, and control systems. visit maxon motor.

Maxon Precision Motors Inc., 101 Waldron Rd., Fall River, MA 02720, (508) 677-0520,

Compact accelerometer is a power miser

The MMA7660FC is a 3-axis ±1.5 g I2C digital capacitive accelerometer with integrated embedded intelligence and reduced power consumption. The accelerometer features programmable functions such as orientation, tap, and shake detection, as well as an auto-wake feature for extended battery life. Packaged in a small, low-profile 3x3x0.9 mm DFN, it enhances portable electronic user interfaces for mobile phones, small appliances, and gaming. The MMA7660FC uses I2C communication and programmable interrupt functionality to provide direct communication to the main system processor. Now stocked by Mouser Electronics, Freescale's MMA7660FC 3-Axis Accelerometer appears online at, or at (800)346-6873

Slip systems for wind turbine generator protection

In wind power plants, electrical circuit problems are known to cause short-term torque peaks. In this event, slip clutches protect the costly gearbox against overload by slipping at a defined maximum torque in order to temporarily interrupt the drive. The slip process takes place not on the generator shaft surface, but inside the Centa Torque Hub, which is mounted on the generator shaft in the coupling's clamping set.

The Centa Torque Set positions the slip unit to the middle section of the shaft. By relocating the slip function, manufacturing tolerances at the generator shaft no longer cause variations in the slip torque, resulting in improved accuracy of the slip function. Another advantage of the new design is that the slip system is made to be pre-mounted as a complete unit. The maximum torque is set on a certified test bench according to the manufacturer's requirements and documented in a test report, eliminating the need for on-site adjustments.

The low-maintenance slip system is also designed to allow for multiple slip processes (> 200) without having a major impact on the slip torque setting. Depending on the size, a torque range of up to 120 kNm is covered. The new slip system can also be provided as a low-cost system component which does not include the coupling unit.

For more information visit:

Centa Corp., 2570 Beverly Drive #128, Aurora, IL 60502-8588, (630) 236-3500

AODD pump energy saver can mean 50% reduction

The new MizAir energy savings device for Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps will save up to 50% of the energy used by the pumps. AODD pumps use large volumes of compressed air to operate and are frequently inefficient. The most effective way to make AODD pumps more energy efficient is to better manage the air they consume. However, no two AODD pumps are the same, making it extremely difficult to design a product that consistently works.

MizAir is an electro-pneumatic “smart” device. It uses fuzzy logic to analyze each stroke of the pump and learns the pump's unique characteristics. MizAir then automatically makes internal adjustments to reduce the air consumption of the pump by as much as 50%, therefore reducing the energy required to run it by the same amount with little to no effect on pump throughput, fluid flow or flow rate. On approved pumps, no pump modification is necessary. MizAir is literally plumbed to the air input side of the pump and provided with 24 volt DC power.

Proportion-Air Inc., 8250 N. 600 West, McCordsville, IN 46055, (317) 335-2602 or e-mail at [email protected].

Magnet motor represents 52 % weight reduction

The W Magnet Drive System incorporates the W Magnet Drive inside the motor, which is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD). Compared with standard induction motors, the W Magnet motor promotes a 52 % reduction in weight and a 47 % reduction in volume. The motor is fitted with NdFeB magnets, inserted inside the rotor, instead of conventional aluminum alloy squirrel cages. Replacing the squirrel cage with the W Magnet technology ensures both higher efficiency levels and a much smaller frame than conventional induction motors. The system meets both NEMA Premium and EPAct High Efficiency standards.

For precision control and optimum energy efficiency, the CFW11 drive used with the W Magnet Drive System uses a vector control technology algorithm. This enables control without the use of an encoder / position sensor, and by reducing the number of components, helps improve reliability. For applications within buildings or other sensitive areas, the W Magnet motor features significant noise reduction to under 73dB(A).

WEG Electric Corp., 1327 Northbrook Parkway Suite 490, Suwanee, GA 30024, (800) ASK-4WEG,

LEDs with custom brightness options

Highly energy efficient LEDs include versions with custom brightness options. These LED assemblies and arrays can be customized to include different levels of indicating brightness for each LED within the same unit to meet a specific indicating goal. For example, a dual assembly may have one LED continuously lit dimly to indicate normal conditions. When triggered, the second LED within that assembly would not only illuminate a different color, but also a different brightness to indicate the severity and urgency of the problem.

The injection molding system used allows quick a modification of LED and lightpipe products, allowing for a wide range of sizes, colors, brightness, and options, even in small quantities. Standard color options include blue, red, and green. Customized colors are also available, such as orange, amber and white. Most LED designs are available in surface-mount or through-hole styles.

LEDs are priced from under $0.99 in volume, depending on type and configuration. The lead-time is 4 weeks ARO.

Elma Electronic Inc., 44350 Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538, (510) 656-5829 x228 or visit

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