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Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition

Edited by Augustin McEvoy, Tom Markvart, Luis Castaner, 1,224 pg., ISBN 978-0-12-385943-1, $279.95

Photovoltaics, or solar cells, are a major part of the growing sustainable and renewable energy movement, and the design, manufacture and use of photovoltaic devices is increasing in pace and frequency. This encyclopaedic book serves as a ‘benchmark’ publication for those involved in designing, making, and using them. The book's 37 chapters and long list of experts from industry and academia cover the principles that govern how solar cells work, the variety of raw materials that goes into them, and the various kinds of photovoltaic systems, including thin-film cells and various forms of silicon, as well as more advanced materials. It also covers standards, calibration, testing, installation, economics and case studies that cover the globe and extend into outer space. In addition, the authors look into the environmental effects and problems associated with a wide variety of photovoltaics.

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