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One Powerful Day: On Demand

One Powerful Day: On Demand

Power Electronics Technology and the Electronic Design Group bring the latest in power design information direct to you, the design engineer, with our online conference ONE POWERFUL DAY. The conference brings you up to date on the latest in Power Design, and you can pick and choose the free sessions that benefit you the most. A single registration allows you access to these five LIVE webinars in a single day. Register now!

Session 1

Things I wouldn’t do to a FET
11:00 AM - Register for this session

Eric Perrson, International Rectifier
Moderator: Don Tuite, Technology Editor, Electronic Design

What Makes FETs Fail? Designers are always looking to get the best price/performance ratio from their power electronic circuits. A common question is “how far can I safely push a FET and still have a reliable design?” By understanding the possible failure mechanisms, this seminar aims to help designers understand how to safely apply power FETs into common applications like synchronous rectifiers, motor drives, ORing circuits, hot-swap circuits, and general power supply applications. We will cover trench vs. planar SOA, transient thermal impedance, body diode recovery, avalanche and other concepts through real application examples.

Session 2

Thermal Management: Heat Pipe Dreams
Time: 12:15 PM ET - Register for this session

Presenter: Patrick Loney, Fellow Mechanical Engineer, Patrick Loney Thermal Consulting
Moderator: Sam Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Power Electronics Technology

Rejecting heat from electronic system components to ambient air can be a challenge. Accepting this challenge are heat sinks, heat exchangers, heat pipes, thermal interface material, and forced air cooling. In addition, several types of thermally-enhanced circuit boards aid the cooling process. Backing up these approaches is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that provides a picture of the effectiveness of the cooling technique.

Session 3

Safety Considerations in Power Supply Design
Time: 1:30 PM ET - Register for this session

Presenter: George Lakkas, Product Marketing Manager, Power Management (insert speaker pic here)
Moderator: Don Tuite, Technology Editor, Electronic Design

Step-down DC/DC converters are the most popular switch-mode power supply topology used in today’s power designs. Understanding where power is dissipated in a step-down switching converter can help system designers make optimal trade-offs toward meeting their design goals. Efficiency and reliability are often the most important care-abouts. This presentation discusses the main power loss elements in a switching buck regulator and necessary steps to optimize efficiency.
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments

Session 4

Pairing Ultracapacitors with Batteries in Transportation Applications
Time: 2:45 PM ET - Register for this session

Presenter: Michael Tentnowski, VP-Marketing/Business Development, Ioxus, Inc.
Moderator: Sam Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Power Electronics Technology

How do you select an EDLC? For a given set of power requirements including voltage level, maximum power requirement, and battery type, some general guidelines are developed to determine the best ultracapacitor configuration to meet a particular need. The presentation will explore the analysis of a battery and an ultracapacitor in a parallel combination and show the how variation of capacitance affects the power source.

Session 5

Controlling Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Time: 4:00 PM ET - Register for this session

Presenter: David Wilson, Motion Products Specialist, Freescale Semiconductor
Moderator: Don Tuite, Technology Editor, Electronic Design

As the cost of processor based motor control continues to drop, many applications can now affordably take advantage of the many benefits afforded by PMSM topologies, such as increased efficiency and smoother operation. This session covers the basic operation of PMSMs, and how they can be controlled using Field Oriented Control (FOC) with both sensored and sensorless techniques. IPM motors are also presented, with a discussion on how their saliency affects sensorless FOC.

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