EE&T News: October 27, 2010

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October 27, 2010 Issue:

• Dim bulbs discuss energy efficiency
• LEDs outshine a 100-W halogen
• Electrical code looks at charging stations, alternative energy supplies
• Better ballasts for HID lighting
• Wave power on the cheap
• Energy shorts
• Brushed dc motors target industrial uses
• Power-generation system

Dim bulbs discuss energy efficiency

The Internet can certainly be a source of cheap amusement. At least for me, the more humorous material comes from comments posted about news items. They can get particularly funny when the original item was written by someone who poorly understands the event they're reporting on. One such incident comes to mind from last year when The Institution of Engineering and Technology in the UK published results of a study on compact fluorescent lamps. Read more here.
As always, send your energy efficiency news to us at [email protected] -- Leland Teschler, editor Read More


LEDs outshine a 100-W halogen

Thanks to some technology borrowed from microfluidics, a 1,500-lumen prototype LED lumenaire produces as much light as a 100-W halogen bulb, using one-third the energy. The lamp design is also about half the size and weight of a 600-lumen LED downlight available today. READ MORE Read More


Low Cost Mass Flow Controller Winner of Innovation Award!
Sierra's Smart-Trak® 50 Series OEM Flow Controller has been honored by the readers of Flow Control Magazine with their annual Product Innovation Award for its advances in flow measurement technology. Learn what makes the 50 Series a winner here.

Electrical code looks at charging stations, alternative energy supplies

Two parts of the NEC pertain to electric charging stations for electric vehicles and to connections between the electrical grid and alternative power sources -- principally, photovoltaic systems. Article 625 is the part of the code that pertains to electric vehicle charging systems. Among the measures spelled out in this article is that chaging systems that need ventilation need more ventilation if there are multiple vehicles under charge. READ MORE Read More


Wireless Sensor Networks – An Introduction to Technologies and Architectures
This overview webcast from National Instruments provides an introduction to wireless sensor networks, including application areas and typical system components. The webcast then explores technology considerations for wireless sensor networks, including network topologies, communication standards, and power consumption. View webcast now.

Better ballasts for HID lighting

One obstacle when designing with HID lamps is that they are difficult to control and the design of the electronic ballast to drive them is complex. The electronic HID ballast must perform functions that include ignition, warm-up, constant power control, power factor correction, and protection against all lamp and ballast fault conditions. Consequently, IC makers have devised chips to simplify the chore of ballast design. READ MORE Read More


Boker's Free 2010 Washer Catalog
Boker's complimentary 2010 Washer Catalog features more than 24,000 non-standard flat washer sizes available with no tooling charges. Outside diameters of 0.080" to 5.140", a broad range of IDs and thicknesses, as well as 2,000 material options provide endless possibilities. Materials include low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel silver and non-metallics. ISO 9001:2008 Registered

Wave power on the cheap

In Germany, researchers at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) have developed a small-scale hydroelectric power plant that is simple and cheap enough to work even with modestly high dams. Moreover, the whole system resides in a shaft, minimizing the impact on the landscape and waterways. READ MORE Read More


Support Across the Board
Now, you can have it all, faster and easier than ever before. Avnet's commitment to customer service is backed by an extensive product offering combined with supply chain and design chain services and a world-class ecommerce offering. Ready. Set. Go to Market.

Energy shorts

Why lithium-ion cells go bad
Do CFLs have the most energy efficient lifecycle?
GM's other 100 mpg vehicle: The IDEA
Simulation helps build a fuel-cell future
Growing trend in the green market: Job training
Higher CAFE numbers = More gas burned
Read More


Brushed dc motors target industrial uses

The RE50 and RE65 mechanically commutated dc motors, with output powers of 200 and 250 W, are protected on the commutation side with a sealed aluminum housing. Cable outputs are sealed with PG cable fittings, and the shaft is secured with a radial shaft seal to guarantee IP54 rating on the flange side. With diameters of 50 and 65 mm, the motors achieve 0.9-Nm nominal torque, speeds up to 5,500 rpm, and a 90% efficiency level.
maxon precision motors inc. Read More

Power-generation system

The Power Generation System is a complete power platform that meets heavy-duty-vehicle energy requirements. The system consists of a permanent-magnet ac generator, generator, software, and cables, and can support a vehicle's power needs at low or high voltage, ac, dc, or both. The modular design accommodates upgrades and retrofits without the need to replace the generator, wiring, or drive electronics.
The generator is said to provide twice the power density of a traditional alternator, can be air or liquid cooled, and can be mounted in belt-driven, PTO, or inline configurations. The controller is engineered to withstand the most demanding commercial and military environments. Cables are shielded, optimized for heavy-duty vehicle applications, consume little space and weight, and perform in temperatures up to 260°C.
Kollmorgen Read More


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