EE&T News: May 25, 2010

EE&T News: May 25, 2010

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May 25, 2010 Issue:

• Look what blew in
• Energy labeling grows more strict in Europe
• NREL amps up wind turbine gearbox tests
• Get ready for outdoor lighting efficiency standards
• Novel idea: Fuel cells bring pure water
• Energy shorts
• Programmable LED drivers
• EE&T Magazine is using Twitter and LinkedIn
• New High-Efficiency Motors from SEW-EURODRIVE

Look what blew in

The wind industry's main trade show kicks off this week in Dallas, bringing with it a flurry of announcements about new wind turbine technology. Meanwhile, keep watching the EE&T site as we will soon be posting video from our recent one-day technical symposium. As always, send us your energy efficiency news. -- Leland Teschler, Editor [email protected] Read More


Energy labeling grows more strict in Europe

Labels that go on European household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and ovens will soon need to include more information on energy consumption. EU legislators recently approved a new layout of the EU energy efficiency label introducing additional classes and approved new energy efficiency legislation for buildings, to apply by 2020. READ MORE Read More


NREL amps up wind turbine gearbox tests

Gearboxes in utility scale wind turbines have a reputation for needing repairs long before their maintenance schedules predict they should. The culprit seems to be unexpected loading conditions on the turbine blades. That's why the U.S. Dept. of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory installed a special dynamometer capable of simulating the off-axis loads and related conditions created by wind gusts and other environmental realities. READ MORE Read More


Bimba Introduces New Electric Actuators
After more than 50 years of pneumatic leadership, Bimba introduces its first ever rod-type electric actuator—the Original Line Electric (OLE). Designed, built and tested to provide the greatest durability, highest speed and most thrust per dollar, Bimba’s OLE actuators are ideal for applications requiring increased control and flexibility. Just like Bimba’s trusted Original Line pneumatic cylinders, OLE actuators deliver the quality, durability, delivery and outstanding customer service you’ve come to expect.

Get ready for outdoor lighting efficiency standards

New efficiency standards that apply to outdoor lighting are in the works. Legislation now being discussed in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee includes the National Energy Efficiency Enhancement Act of 2010 (S 3059) which would set standards for pole-mounted outdoor lights and would direct the Dept. of Energy to decide whether the standards should be modified in the future. The standard also puts limits on skyglow and light trespass. Moreover, it would prohibit the making of general purpose mercury vapor lamps. READ MORE Read More


Novel idea: Fuel cells bring pure water

A trio of inventors have devised a fuel cell-based device they say uses the sun to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, saving the oxygen for medical uses and using the hydrogen to power a fuel cell which provides the energy to run a water purification system. Called the Hydra, it will list for $99,500 and targets medical clinics, schools, remote communities, and disaster relief agencies. READ MORE Read More

Energy shorts

Vertical wind turbines have a number of technical advantages which seem to be catching the attention of the wind industry

In 20 years, you may find yourself riding a commercial airliner based on energy efficient designs from M.I.T.

Constructive hydrodynamic interference between the wakes of neighboring fish has led to an idea about efficiently configuring vertical wind turbines.

Sharp Electronics has entered the Illumination LED market

Now you can listen to your light fixture

Get a PhD in energy

Another super-bright LED downlight

Tidal generators could get a boost from tests slated for next year Read More


Programmable LED drivers

The LEDC10 Series of dc-dc LED drivers are designed for LED lighting applications with output ratings up to 10 W. The nonisolated, constant-current LEDC10-12-R48, housed in a single in-line package, operates with dc input of 4.5 to 20 Vdc. The driver provides a 0 to 480-mA programmable constant-current output with a drive voltage of 3 to 20 V.
The constant-current output range is programmable via external logic levels or jumpers connected to trim pins on the driver. A light-dimming control operates via a PWM control input with a 10 to 100% duty cycle, or by using logic-level trim inputs. Applying different combinations of logic “1” and “0” levels to the trim inputs, changes the maximum output drive current to 50, 150, 350, and 480 mA.
The convection-cooled drivers operate from –40 to 85°C at full load without derating. Typical efficiencies are 87%. Standard features include overcurrent and overvoltage protection.
More Information:
TDK-Lambda Americas
Read More


EE&T Magazine is using Twitter and LinkedIn

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New High-Efficiency Motors from SEW-EURODRIVE

SEW is excited to announce the new efficient DR Motor series. This modular system of AC motors is available in three efficiency levels: standard, high-efficiency and NEMA Premium® efficiency. The modular DR motor offers a single series with millions of drive combinations; other customizable options include brake size, cost-optimized encoders, and mounting type. All three models comply with worldwide efficiency and energy standards. Visit Read More


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