EE&T News: May 23, 2010

EE&T News: May 23, 2010

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May 23, 2011 Issue:

• Get an education on EVs
• LED bulb replaces 75-W incandescent
• NIST calls ice makers energy hogs
• LED vs incandescent light quality
• What's a scrubber?
• Energy shorts

Get an education on EVs

Those attending our second annual education day in San Jose this week will get an up-close and personal look at the E.Rex, which will be at the event, and hear about this EV's power management scheme from keynote speaker Mike Worry. There are a host of other speakers as well. Check out the proceedings here.
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LED bulb replaces 75-W incandescent

Just in time for the U.S. phase-out of incandescent bulbs comes the Philips EnduraLED A21, a 17-W LED-based bulb billed as a replacement for conventional 75-W incandescent bulbs. Developed by Royal Philips Electronics, the bulbs use the company's high-power, next-generation Luxeon LEDs. READ MORE


NIST calls ice makers energy hogs

It turns out that the ice makers found in modern refrigerators burn a lot of energy. Specifically, they boost the energy consumption of a refrigerator by between 12 and 20%. Much of that additional energy cost comes from the electric heaters used to release the ice from the molds. So say researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology who tested four different kinds of refrigerators for energy consumption. READ MORE

LED vs incandescent light quality

Our recent editorial about short-lived CFLs got the attention of folks at C.Crain, who offered to provide LED bulbs as replacements. Here's what a garage looks like illuminated by the new bulbs versus by 60-W incandescents. You be the judge. READ MORE

What's a scrubber?

If you don't happen to work for an electrical utility, it may be hard for you to visualize what a scrubber for a coal plant looks like. Duke Energy recently let us see one of theirs near Charlotte, N.C. For the uninitiated, a view of a scrubber up-close and personal can be eye opening. READ MORE

Energy shorts

When remanufacturing saves energy
Here come gallium nitride transistors
Energy auditing an entire city
A potted junction box for solar arrays
Low-resistance MOSFETs for hybrids, EVs

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New video: Canada's Energy Star Initiative

Canada has its own version of Energy Star, a point of interest to manufacturers trying to sell product there. EE&T's Illumination Summit in Feb. featured a talk on the subject by Alexander Rosemann, a specialist engineer, Codes & Standards with BC Hydro. You can view a video of his talk and his slides here.
Run time, 10:42


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