EE&T News: July 25, 2010

EE&T News: July 25, 2010

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July 25, 2011 Issue:

• Beating the summer heat
• Solid tires: Next energy efficiency measure?
• Smart phone apps for energy
• EV race car sets a record
• How to measure LED lamp life
• Energy shorts
• Featured video: Energy Star for lighting
• Bulk power dc/dc supply
• General-purpose ac motors
• Shaft-locking devices
• Wind-energy sensors

Beating the summer heat

It is a lot easier to stay cool in the summer heat when your front door has E-stop glass and is as thick as that of a bank vault. That's one of tricks in a Smart Home we toured recently. We shot a video of our tour which will be up soon. Meanwhile you can see our write up here:
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Solid tires: Next energy efficiency measure?

The next generation of super efficient vehicle tires could be made from polyurethane. At least that is the claim of inventor Richard Steinke, CEO of Amerityre Corp. in Boulder City, Nev. He says he's devised a manufacturing process for building passenger and light truck tires made from solid elastomer. The resulting tires will far outlast conventional designs, run flat at high speeds for hundreds of miles, and have a low rolling resistance to boot. READ MORE


Energy Efficiency Expo September 20-21 in Nashville
Energy Efficiency Expo 2011 is a trade fair showcasing products and services to help organizations reduce their energy consumption and become more energy-efficient. The event is designed to address the needs of managers and engineers who are responsible for facilities, manufacturing and industrial operations, equipment and machinery, as well as product and system designers. Numerous educational sessions will run concurrently with the exhibition, allowing attendees to obtain more in-depth information on specific areas of energy efficiency.

Smart phone apps for energy

Among the latest smart phone apps in the energy field are a CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator, a primer on the physics of energy, and a free tool that calculates the performance of a carbon-neutral office building design. READ MORE


EV race car sets a record

It took only 1:38.858 for an electric race car called the EV-X11 to traverse one 2.3-mile lap at the Mazda Leguna Seca racetrack in Monterey, Calif. This is a new lap record at the track for electrics. The milestone took place at the 3rd annual REFUEL - Clean Power Motorsports Event recently. READ MORE

How to measure LED lamp life

There has been a lot of discussion about the issue of measuring the lifetime of solid-state lighting. Standards in this area are probably still in the future. A recent report produced by a working group under the auspices of DoE and the Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (NGLIA) reflects the most current thinking on LED lamp lifetime. READ MORE


Miniature Inertial Sensor Combines AHRS with Onboard GPS
MicroStrain's 3DM-GX3® -35 is a miniature, lightweight sensor (23 grams) featuring a high quality attitude heading reference system (AHRS) with an onboard GPS receiver, providing a cost effective, high precision solution for navigation applications. Click here for more details

Energy shorts

Here comes a new energy act
Energy education via online video
New Energy Star specs for dishwashers, furnaces
Modern metering, old grid
Legally-enforced performance standards for buildings?
Energy myths: Renewables and CAFE
Energy figures: Ice makers, LED lighting, wind turbines

Featured video: Energy Star for lighting

At EE&T's Illumination Summit, EPA's Energy Star marketing manager Taylor Jantz-Sell broke down the basic program requirements for existing Energy Star CFL, Integral LED Lamp, and Solid-State Lighting Luminaires programs in the wake of third-party testing requirements. You can watch her presentation here.


Bulk power dc/dc supply

Designed to deliver bulk power to 54-Vdc distributed-power applications, the D1U4CS front-end 2,100-W dc/dc power supply is 93% efficient at half load power. With a floating output, users can wire the power supply in a 54-V configuration for data centers or –54-V configuration for telco central-office environments. A 5-Vdc, 0.75-A standby output is also provided. Capable of operating from –40 to –72 Vdc, the 1U unit has a power density of 24.3 W/cu in. Two internal fans provide forced air cooling.
The D1U4CS is N+1 redundant, hot-swappable, and capable of droop current sharing and has a comprehensive set of power control, logic signaling, and operational status functions. The supply automatically recovers from overcurrent and overtemperature faults.
Murata Power Solutions Inc.

General-purpose ac motors

Cast-iron three-phase premium-efficiency motors are available in horsepower ranges from 1 to 200 hp, with speeds of 1,200, 1,800, and 3,600 rpm. The motors are electrically reversible.
The industrial-duty T-frame and TC-frame TEFC motors feature ribbed cast-iron frames for maximum cooling, full-frame-length cast-iron mounting feet, junction boxes with rubber gasket, and a rubber dust cover. Motor sizes 10 hp and lower come with maintenance-free bearings. Larger motors feature ball or roller bearings.

Shaft-locking devices

Ameriloc wind-turbine shaft-locking devices provide secure shaft/hub connections. The MLD (mechanical-locking devices) and HLD (hydraulic-locking devices) are custom engineered and manufactured for years of trouble-free service.
The HLD offers faster installation. With larger diameters, such as 20.8 in., the HLD can be tensioned within minutes, compared to the several hours needed for a mechanical-locking device. A hydraulic pump, required for assembly, can be a stationary unit, but a hydraulic hand pump can also be used for tensioning at difficult-to-reach places, such as the wind-turbine turret.
The MLD eliminates the need for keyways or splines, provides unlimited shaft positioning, and features zero backlash, reduced shaft stress, and high contact pressure for greater torque. It can fit into smaller installations and only requires standard tools to assemble.
Features include torque up to 4,425,372 lb-ft, outer diameters up to 57.1 in, and shaft diameters up to 29.5 in.
Ameridrives Couplings

Wind-energy sensors

Sensors Technology for Wind Energy Applications provides an overview of sensing technologies for wind-energy applications. The brochure contains illustrations of the technologies used in windmill applications, including pitch control; yaw positioning; generator rpm monitoring; brake-pad position and wear monitoring; rotor/hub angular position detection; cable-twist sensing; service hoist control; main shaft-deflection monitoring; level monitoring for gearbox lubrication and coolants; and lift-cab position detection.

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