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EE&T News: January 24, 2011

EE&T News: January 24, 2011

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January 24, 2011 Issue:

• In Bloom? But it's not yet spring
• Results of the first electric vs. gas bike race
• Cold fusion claims heat up in Italy
• The EV is on fire: Don't cut that orange wire
• How to keep SSL manufacturing in the U.S.
• Energy shorts
• EE&T Magazine is using Twitter and LinkedIn

In Bloom? But it's not yet spring

It's premature to be talking about blooming spring flowers, but a Bloom of a different sort was in the news last week as fuel-cell maker Bloom Energy described its new Electron service. You can get a slightly different take on this development in our blog area.
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Results of the first electric vs. gas bike race

We recently wrote about the first-ever organized race between an all-electric superbike and ordinary gas bikes. Well, the race is over, and after the dust settled, driver Chip Yates was on the the podium collecting third-place honors. Yates also had a video camera running during the event and posted it to YouTube, along with his running commentary and remarks from the bike engineer. READ MORE Read More


Cold fusion claims heat up in Italy

Wouldn't it be great if you could produce 12,400 W of heat power with an input of just 400 W? Well, two Italian researchers claim to have done exactly this through use of cold fusion. Their claim brings back memories of Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishmann who, in the 1980s, claimed to have demonstrated cold fusion but whose work other researchers could never repeat. READ MORE Read More


The EV is on fire: Don't cut that orange wire

A car fire in an electric vehicle is a completely different kettle of fish than an engine fire in an ordinary car. First responders, for example, must be warned against cutting into the 360-V lines connecting the battery to the electric motors. That's one reason why the NFPA, Chevy, and OnStar have organized training for first responders in how to deal with such factors as the 400-lb lithium-ion battery in the Volt which, if sufficiently heated during a car structural fire, could start to burn. READ MORE Read More


Support Across the Board
Now, you can have it all, faster and easier than ever before. Avnet's commitment to customer service is backed by an extensive product offering combined with supply chain and design chain services and a world-class ecommerce offering. Ready. Set. Go to Market.

How to keep SSL manufacturing in the U.S.

In 2007, lighting manufacturers employed almost 60,000 people nationwide and shipped products valued at $13.5 billion. However, U.S. solid-state lighting companies are faced with economic factors that have led to the globalization of their industry, including lost jobs, a dispersal of the technology infrastructure largely built in this country, and ultimately a U.S. trade deficit. That's why the DOE convened a workshop on how to keep SSL manufacturing in the U.S. It recently published a whitepaper outlining the results of the workshop and its conclusions. READ MORE Read More

Energy shorts

How to clean up after a broken CFL
What it now takes to get an EnergyStar label for luminaires
Energy from sludge
Who's doing what in solar subsidies
To-do list for advanced battery research
The nuts and bolts of a demand-response system
The plug-together wind turbine
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Featured video: Using the Google power meter

At EE&T's May tech conference, Michael Ballard from Microchip Corp. looked at the use of smart technology to monitor and track energy usage in the home. Here are excerpts from his interesting talk.
Run time, 12:44


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