Wind power capacity hit a record in recessionary 2009

In 2009, new wind power capacity grew more than 31% in cumulative installations, the highest rate in the last eight years.So says a new report from Worldwatch Institute Worldwide, an independent research organization in Washington, D.C. Wind power contributed 340 trillion kW-hrs, or 2%, to global electricity consumption in 2009, the organization says.

The Asian market became the main driver behind the wind industry’s continued growth, with 15,442 MW of new wind capacity installed in 2009, which increased Asia’s total installed capacity by 64% over 2008. China passed the U.S. to become the world’s largest wind turbine market, installing 13,803 MW last year to reach a total of 25,805MW. China accounted for more than one third of the world’s wind capacity installations in 2009, more than doubling its cumulative installed capacity for the fourth year in a row. Nevertheless, China continues to suffer from inadequate transmission capacity; as a result, over a quarter of its existing wind capacity is not connected to the grid.

More details about the new report can be found here:

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