Smart what?

If your friends and neighbors don't know what you're talking about when you bring up the smart grid, don't be alarmed. It turns out that only 35% of Americans are aware of the phrase. This according to a new study by the energy sector marketing agency EcoAlign.

Interestingly, EcoAlign found that one fourth of the consumers it surveyed would let a utility control their high-use appliances automatically. Another quarter would like notifications that would let them make the adjustments themselves.

Also interesting in light of the howls of protest to this idea in the blogosphere: Only 16% said they would never let a utility control the energy use of their appliances automatically.

Generally speaking, consumers were OK with the idea of smart grid if it led to savings on energy bills. Still, when consumers were asked to describe their biggest concern about smart grid, top choices included “privacy,” “control/loss of control,” “security,” and even fear of “big brother.” Moreover, 65% of those surveyed said “only the customer” should have access to any detailed energy consumption data that comes out of smart grid features.

More info about the study here:


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