Smart grid apps come to Honeywell thermostats

In a step toward smart grid compatibility, thermostat and controls maker Honeywell has equipped its Prestige programmable thermostats with the ability to factor in electricity prices that vary during specific times of the day. Prestige's patented time-of-use price schedule feature will automatically adjust the home's temperature when prices are at their highest.

"Giving homeowners the tools to interact with utilities and reduce energy use is a critical part of the emerging smart grid," said John Tyhacz, vice president and general manager for Honeywell's home comfort and energy systems business.

Honeywell introduced the Prestige in late 2008. It is available through an HVAC contractor. When used as directed, Honeywell estimates that a homeowner can cut annual heating and cooling costs by up to 33% – or $200 each year – depending on geographic location.

More info about Prestige and other energy-saving Honeywell products for the home can be found here

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