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Flexible Wireless Power Solutions at 77% Efficiency for Mobile Applications

NuVolta Technologies Inc. has developed high efficiency 20W wireless power solutions based on its integrated transmitter power management IC NUT1000. These solutions operate at 6.78MHz with NuVolta's proprietary controlled magnetic resonance technology, and achieve high efficiency with small receiver coils suitable for integrating into various mobile devices ranging from smart phones, tablets to laptop computers.  With an AirFuel class-3 sized transmitter coil, a NuVolta wireless power solution can maintain well over 60% efficiency for 5V outputs over a wide charging area and at a z-distance of over 25mm (1 inch). This allows system designers to create flexible and high efficiency user experiences never possible before. 

The NuVolta solutions can also power custom transmitter and receiver coils optimized for a particular application.  For example, with a 43mm diameter TX coil and a 43mm diameter RX coil, both implemented as PCB windings, a NuVolta solution can reach an efficiency of 77% at 20W at an output of 19V, enough for most demanding smart phones and tablets, as well as low power laptop computers.

NUT1000 is a power management IC integrating all key functional blocks to implement proprietary controlled magnetic resonance architecture in a power transmitter, including Power MOSFETs, gate drivers, current sensing, and I2C interface. It is in a 5mmx5mm QFN package, and can support an input voltage between 4.5V to 28V.   This IC can be used for a wide range of applications, ranging from wearable devices with a fraction of a Watt to smart phones and laptop computers with tens of Watts. NuVolta Technologies Inc. is a startup specializing in high-frequency power management ICs and wireless power technologies.

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