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Electric Cargo Bike’s Battery-Powered Motor Eases Pedaling

Capable of reaching 20 mph, an electric bike employs a battery-powered mid-drive motor that assists the rider with each pedaling motion.

The CERO One is a compact electric cargo bike from CERO that is intended for moving people and goods (Fig. 1). It is a customizable modular cargo system with one-size-fits-most versatility. These e-bikes are made specifically for pedaling and do not have a throttle like a motorcycle. In fact, some countries, don’t even allow a throttle on electric-assist bicycles.

1. This pedal-powered electric cargo bike is intended for moving people and goods.

Designed to accommodate both female and male riders of many sizes, CERO One provides seat and stem adjustments. The recommended height for bike riders is between 5-2 and 6-4. The bike weighs approximately 56 lb. with the battery mounted. The bike, battery, and electric motor can ride in the rain without any problems.  

The bike uses Shimano’s latest-generation, 504Wh li-ion battery, which allows the CERO One to travel up to 93 miles on a single charge. The bike’s compact, lightweight 250 W Shimano motor supports pedaling up to 20 mph.

This bike employs a mid-drive motor that powers the crank of the bike directly, giving you a boost with each pedaling motion. The system features three sensors—speed, cadence, and torque—all working in conjunction to give you the most performance when you most need it (Fig. 2). Additionally, the mid drive motor is located in the lowest point of the frame, ensuring a good center of gravity and great weight distribution for stable handling. The motor will give you pedal assistance up to 20 mph, though technically you can achieve higher speeds on the bike.

2. The on-board computer and display present data associated with driving the bike. Front and rear lights can be activated from the computer display.

“Pedal assist” provides the necessary push to ride faster and with less effort. Plus, since your legs are providing the propulsion, you have more control over the bike, which is especially important if you are carrying heavy loads. These bikes are sometimes referred to as “pedelecs,” and you’ll still get a nice workout as you pedal.

A long-life li-ion battery (5.8 lb.) maintains sufficient output, even after 1,000 full charging cycles. It has been designed with year-round conditions in mind to exhibit the performance necessary in both the heat and the cold. After 1,000 cycles performance will decline, but the battery will still be usable.

Battery range varies, depending on several factors: cargo loads, rider weight, assist mode, terrain, etc. You should get anywhere from 44 miles (high mode), to 62 miles (normal mode), and up to 93 miles (eco mode) of range.

Charging the battery takes 2.5 hours for up to 80% and 5 hours for 100%. The bike comes complete with a charger that you can connect to any wall plug or directly to battery while mounted on the bike. Or, you can remove the battery and charge it in your home.

Cargo Racks

The CERO One’s modular cargo rack system includes three aluminum baskets that mount both in the front and rear racks. This cargo system is intended to allow you to use any of the company’s baskets and platform either in the front or rear racks, allowing you to customize the bike to your cargo needs. These custom baskets are designed to be used with CERO One’s racks, and cannot accommodate third party baskets.

Maximum loads (rider weight + cargo) should not exceed 300 lb.

Recommended max cargo loads:

Rear: 55 lb./25 kg

Front: 55 lb./25 kg

Combined: front and rear racks (55 lb./ 25 kg rear plus 22 lb./10 kg in front)

The front rack is specifically designed to work only with an attached CERO platform or basket. The rear rack, however, can carry cargo without any attached basket or platform.

CERO One’s cargo areas are intended primarily to carry cargo loads, but not adults. It can carry a child up to 48 lb. (22 kg) on a Thule Yepp Maxi child seat mounted on the rear rack. The bike’s rear rack is designed to specifically fit the Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seats—without the need for an adapter.

An axle-mounted trailer can be used on the bike. The company tested a Thule’s Chariot trailer on the bike, which worked satisfactorily.

Shimano disc brakes with resin pad and 180 mm and 160 mm rotors w/center-lock ring are used on the front and rear wheels. Fig. 3 shows the handle bars and the brake lever.

3. Shown are the handlebars and brake lever of the CERO One.

An ABUS Frame lock attached to the seat stays comes standard, giving you confidence that the bike is secure. The bike’s battery is also locked, and for your convenience, the same key for your ABUS Frame Lock will work to remove and to lock the battery. The company recommends using an additional chain, like the ABUS Chain Lock or u-lock, to tie the bike to an unmovable place. Also, avoid leaving the bike out at night, and always try to leave it in a visible, public place.

Ideal tire pressure for the bike’s Big Ben Plus tires is 30-55 Psi. Always use a bicycle pump with a gauge to determine the ideal tire pressure.

The company sells a variety of accessories, including proprietary cargo baskets and a variety of cargo accessories from high-quality brands.

For service, an expert local bike mechanic should be capable of handling most of the tuning and maintenance needs. Plus, CERO provides technical support, and it can direct you to a mechanic near you if you need help. Like any bicycle, the CERO One needs regular service and maintenance.

CERO bike frames, racks, and baskets are manufactured in Taiwan. Final assembly, quality control, tuning, testing, and certification are also completed in Taiwan. The country has been producing bicycles for top brands for many decades.

CERO also has a showroom, warehouse, and fulfillment center in Los Angeles. The ebikes can be shipped to you 95% assembled, tuned, and test-ridden. And, it comes with a set of tools for use with the bike.

More Ebikes

The CERO One was recently introduced and will be followed by many other ebikes. According to a report by IDTechEx, “Up until the last couple of years, ebike sales were concentrated in China, Japan, and the EU. In the last few years, nearly every nation has bought ebikes from China, and in some cases, the volumes are now significant. Sales will reach 130 million yearly before 2025, make it one of the world’s largest industries.”

Ebikes are a type of Light Electric Vehicle (LEV), a land vehicle propelled by an electric motor that uses an energy storage device such as a battery or fuel cell, has two or three wheels, and typically weighs less than 100 kg.

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