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Water-Cooled Power Supplies

AMETEK Programmable Power introduced the Sorensen ASD Series 40V and 60V precision programmable AC-DC power supplies. The Sorensen ASD's water-cooled packaging allows it to provide up to 30 kW of power in a 3U form factor, giving it unrivaled power density for a power supply in this class. Being water cooled, it is ideal for precision programmable power applications with stringent air quality requirements such as clean rooms or industrial environments that are dirty or potentially corrosive and damaging to air-cooled power supplies.

The ASD DSP-based digital architecture, with real-time digital control and Graphical User Interface (GUI), enables advanced features for better control and monitoring of critical processes and applications.

For example, the optional advanced features package includes a built-in oscilloscope function for measurement and display of: power, voltage, current, output impedance, output cable impedance and output cable voltage drop. The ASD provides the ability to program different fault levels, enabling detection of output cabling, connection or load problems before they cause critical system problems. The ASD can replace a system programmable logic device (PLC) by closing the loop on an external parameter such as temperature.

Additionally, the ASD's Advanced Diagnostics And Maintenance (ADAMSM) function includes a "flight data recorder" feature that can capture and record multiple parameters facilitating troubleshooting and process improvement.

The Sorensen ASD product series with its outstanding load transient, ripple and noise performance, combined with advanced digital control functionality is ideal for today's demanding precision power applications.

With prices starting at $6400 (US), Sorensen ASD Series units are shipping to customers.

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