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TinySwitch Power Now in a Compact S0-8 Package

TinySwitch Power Now in a Compact S0-8 Package

The high level of integration and comprehensive system-level protection in TinySwitch-4 ICs enable ultra-simple power supplies that meet safety specifications as well as all current and proposed efficiency standards.

The entire TinySwitch product line is available in PDIP-8. Low power members are available in the small, surface-mount SO-8. To address applications with compact footprints, high efficiency and high peak power needs, we have increased the power rating available in SO-8 and released TNY288 in the smaller package. TNY288D delivers an output power of around 20 W peak and up to 10 W in adapter with 40 °C ambient. You can now build high-efficiency, compact adapters with very fast transients and under 30 mW no-load power consumption.

TinySwitch-4 ICs form a scalable family of devices covering a power range of up to 36.5 W. Applications include PC standby and other auxiliary supplies, DVD/PVR and other low-power set-top decoders, appliances, industrial systems, utility meters, and chargers/adapters for mobile and cordless phones, digital cameras, portable audio, etc. Three other package options are also available: the industry standard PDIP and SOIC packages, and the innovative SMD eSOP package which enables designers to use PCB copper area for thermal management and eliminate external heatsinks.

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