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Scalable Powerpack Gen4 DC Power System Supports Smartpack2 Controller

Eltek announced its Scalable Powerpack DC Gen4, a high-efficiency (HE) DC power system that now supports the Smartpack2 controller, which provides advanced system monitoring and management, reducing power and maintenance costs for telephone central offices (COs) and mobile telephone switching offices (MTSOs).

The Scalable Powerpack system is Eltek's flagship DC power system for COs and MTSOs, and can scale up to 20,000 amps at a greater than 94 percent power conversion efficiency. The Smartpack2 is Eltek's most advanced distributed controller with features for managing AC power sources, the DC power system, back-up power systems and legacy ferroresonant DC power rectifiers.

To help manage energy costs, the Smartpack2 can track energy sources and log the cost and usage so that power managers have the information needed to choose lowest cost power sources. The system also compiles statistics on average and peak load times for each rectifier to help with trend analysis.

The Smartpack2 features an extensive list of battery health and monitoring algorithms to extend the life of battery back up systems and ensure back up power when it is needed. The features range from current and temperature measurement to boost charging and low-voltage disconnect. For diesel generators, the Smartpack2 can control the start up and shut down of the generator and log fuel consumption among other features.

Smartpack2 has a fully distributed architecture, which includes the master controller, the system controller and the I/O monitor. The distributed architecture enables the master controller to monitor and control multiple system controllers and I/O monitors via a powered CAN bus interface to support wide expansion of the underlying DC power system and system monitoring.

The central building block of the Scalable Powerpack system is the three-phase, 48V Powerpack 200A rectifier, which features greater than 94-percent power conversion efficiency. As many as 15 Powerpack rectifiers can fit in one Scalable Powerpack rectifier bay for up to 3,000 amps of power per bay.

Expanding the Scalable Powerpack is done using a pyramid busbar structure, or using more traditional raised or overhead system bus options. These buses allow multiple cabinets to be combined for a maximum of 20,000 amps of power, which is managed as a single system for growing telecom power applications.

The system also provides the ability to simulate a voltage overload situation to ensure that the system will shut down. Any rectifier alarms can also be manually "silenced" until repair crews can reach the unit.

The Scalable Powerpack system has multiple AC input options including a bulk feed using internal AC breakers or individual or dual terminal block feeds. The system's distribution bay features 50 total return positions and up to 20 battery landing positions. The design of the rectifier bay is optimized with convenient rear access and flexible load distribution to simplify expanding the number of rectifiers in the bay. Powerpack rectifiers are available in 208VAC or 480VAC input configurations.

Part Number: Smartpack2

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