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Programmable Power Supplies Have Autoranging, Sequencing

Programmable Power Supplies Have Autoranging, Sequencing

Picotest announced the availability of the P961xA Series of programmable, single output DC power supplies with continuous autoranging and power sequencing capability. The P9610A (105 W 36 V/7 A) and P9611A (150 W 60 V/6 A) offer features and performance not found on competing models costing twice as much.

The autoranging feature eliminates the need to manually select the optimum range allowing all of the power to be available across all of the voltage and current settings. These Mixed Mode (Switched Efficiency + Linear Performance) supplies feature excellent accuracy, resolution and regulation, low noise and superior transient response for faster recovery and better stability. They are very lightweight (< 2.5 kgs (5.5 lbs)) and stackable. USB and GPIB interfaces are also available.

Programmability is compatible with standard SCPI commands and the units are compatible with the Keysight E3632A power supply. The power supplies are available now. The P9610A is priced at $735 and the P9611A is priced at $750.


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