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Power Supplies Are GPIB-Programmable

Power Supplies Are GPIB-Programmable

Keithley Instruments, Inc. has added two multi-channel power supplies with GPIB interfaces to its line of programmable DC power supplies. The new models address the need for greater control and communication flexibility in both R&D and production test applications, which GPIB interfaces can provide. Both the Model 2220G-30-1 dual-channel and 2230G-30-1 triple-channel power supplies combine the advantage of greater output accuracy than offerings from the market leader at prices that are substantially lower. These new GPIB-equipped models expand Keithley's Series 2200 line of one-, two-, and three-channel power supplies, which complement the broad offering of instrumentation from Keithley and Tektronix.

The new power supplies enhance ease of use in circuit design, university student labs, materials research, and device testing that requires the use of more than one power source. Their output levels address a wide range of sourcing requirements for characterizing components, circuits, modules, and complete devices. The Model 2230G-30-1 power supply provides two output channels, typically used for powering analog circuits, with each channel capable of outputting up to 30 V/1.5 A/45  W, plus a 6 V/5 A/30 W output channel, typically used for powering digital circuits. (In contrast, the market-leading three-channel supply's analog outputs are limited to just 25 V @ 1 A.) The Model 2220G-30-1 power supply provides two output channels, each capable of outputting up to 30 V/1.5 A/45 W. These maximum output levels, combined with voltage setting and reading resolution of 1mV and current setting and reading resolution of 1 mA, allow generating a wider range of output power and reading a wider range of load currents with high precision.

Each output channel is completely isolated, which allows the new power supplies to power two isolated circuits with different reference points, eliminating the need for a second power supply. Many competitive multi-channel power supplies do not offer isolated channel outputs and cannot properly power isolated circuits. Each channel can also be turned on or off independently, so the power supplies can be used to power up a circuit that requires turning on multiple voltage levels in a specified time sequence. A programmable timer allows setting up a test to run unattended, turning off the outputs after a specified interval.

For applications that require supplying more than 30 V or 1.5 A, the new power supplies' 30 V outputs can be combined in a variety of configurations, such as being wired in series to produce a 60 V output with a maximum current output of 1.5 A or wired in parallel to produce a 3 A output at 30 V. When configured this way, special display modes show the actual voltage and current for the combined pair. This is an important advantage over competitive units, which typically do not show the actual combined output, increasing the potential for confusion or incorrect interpretation of the displayed results. The new power supplies also allow configuring the 30 V outputs to test a bipolar circuit or maintain a user-defined ratio between the two outputs when using Tracking mode.

The new power supplies are immediately available from Keithley sales partners at these US list prices:

·      Model 2220G-30-1 Dual-Channel DC Power Supply: $1,064

·      Model 2230G-30-1 Triple-Channel DC Power Supply: $1,270


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