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Plug Top Power Supplies Are Energy Star Compliant

Plug Top Power Supplies Are Energy Star Compliant

XP Power announced what it believes to be one of the first 5 Watt plug top power supplies to comply with the new Energy Star level VI energy efficiency standard. A requirement for all such external power supplies in use from February 2016, the VEL05 and VER05 series meet the standard's no load input power requirement of  <0.1 Watt. Introduced in February 2014 the Energy Star level VI standard aims to significantly lower the amount of power consumed when the end application is turned off or is no longer connected.

The VEL05 series have a fixed input plug as required for use in the US, UK, Europe or Australia. The VER05 series is supplied with four interchangeable mains connectors that allow use in the same countries.

Both series are available with a choice of four output voltages and four output plug combinations. The available output voltage options are +5, +6, +9 and +12 VDC. The +5VDC output supplies are available with various USB output connectors, including Type A USB in body inlet, Type B micro USB or Type B mini USB. A DC barrel jack connector is also available for the +5 VDC output models. All other output voltage models are supplied with a DC barrel jack connector. Output lead length is 1500 mm (59 inches).

With a Class II construction the VER05 & VEL05 series do not require a separate earth connection and can operate in environments from 0 to +60 degrees C. The units are approved to the internationally recognized ITE 60950-1 safety standard and Class B limits for conducted and radiated emissions.

The VEL05 series is priced at $3.75 for 1000 pcs orders and the VER05 series is priced at $5.63 in similar quantities. They are available from Newark, Digi-Key, or direct from XP Power and come with a 3 year warranty.

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