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Medical Power Supply Complies with EMC Coexistence

Powerbox announces the launch of a new series of power supplies for medical applications BF (Body Floating). Complying with the latest EMI coexistence standard IEC 60601-1-2: 2014 (4th edition) and specifically designed with patient and operator safety in mind, the OBS01 series delivers an output power of 1100W (1250W peak), which is market leading power density - OBS01 is available in seven different voltages from 24V to 48V with an efficiency up to 89%.

With high focus on "no interference and radio coexistence," the product meets, conducted and radiated EN55011 class B, without requiring any additional components. Built for patient and operator safety, the OBS01 has an input-to-output isolation of 4000 VAC (2xMOPP), an input to ground of 1500 VAC (1xMOPP) and a 1500 VAC (1xMOPP) output-to-ground when many conventional products offer only 500 VDC isolation.

To achieve "no-interference and radio coexistence", by thoroughly selecting filtering components with special attention to the layout, the OBS01 design is optimized to meet EN55011:2009 and CISPR 11:2011 class B conducted and radiated. Class B performance is obtained without requiring external components, making the OBS01 ready to use in medical, radio frequency sensitive applications, shortening time-to-market.

To guarantee OBS01 will operate, in controlled and non-controlled radio environments, the product successfully passed all immunity tests including ESD 15 KV air and 8 KV contact as well as exposition to radio signals in compliance with the new levels set in the 4th edition such as Magnetic Immunity (IEC 61000-4-8) 30A/m, Radiated Immunity (IEC 61000-4-3) 10V/m complying with the new category Home Healthcare and to the new Proximity Field from Wireless Transmitters 9 V/m to 28 V/m at 15 specific frequencies. 

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