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Medical 30W External Power Supply for type CF applications

The Powerbox EXM30 is a component lean flyback topology housed in a compact designer enclosure with exchangeable AC plugs, class II isolation, and IP 21 protection. Although referred to as a 30W unit, nominal power is 36W and peak power an impressive 45W (considerably more for very short periods). Built in intelligent over temperature protection adds to both expected life and operation reliability. The uniquely low no load input power of less than 0,2W is another contributor to reduced energy consumption and reduced stress over time.

The EXM30 series can be a money saver in many ways. It's impressive price/performance ratio makes it a winner already day one for the really demanding applications. Also for other applications the low energy losses, long life expectancy, reliability in-use, and overload resilience might generate considerable savings over time. One version for global use facilitates inventory for everyone. In addition, by removing space requirement, heat generation, EMC emission, as well as some regulatory and certification requirements from the application, wall plug adaptors significantly reduce both development time and cost for the application, compared to using built in power supplies.

The EXM30 series meets electrical safety IEC60601-1 Edition 3, IEC60601-1- 11, class II isolation, IP21 protection, as well as environmental RoHS, REACH and WEEE.

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