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High Power Programmable 600 W Power Supplies

High Power Programmable 600 W Power Supplies

Saelig Company, Inc. introduced the BENCH range of economical programmable power supplies - compact, remote-controllable, single-output DC power supplies with available power output up to 600 W. The range includes voltages from 20 V to 1000 V output, and 1.5 A to 3 0A current to a maximum of 600 W. The embedded 12-bit D/A and A/D converters provide very accurate control and reporting of both voltage and current. The BENCH's front panel LCD simultaneously shows voltage and current readings, as well as complete power supply status information, and it facilitates easy setup and adjustment. BENCH supplies feature low ripple and noise output and are CE, UL and CSA compliant to IEC 60950 Ed 3.

Convenient digital rotary knobs provide manual voltage and current adjustment, and standard rear ports allow for very fast remote control changes via USB2.0 or analog control. The USB input is SCPI-compliant, with LabView drivers available for simple incorporation into complex test set-ups. Integral Digital Remote Sense (no additional wires are required) make BENCH 600W Programmable Power Supplies an ideal solution for bench and ATE applications. Voltage and current measurements can be transmitted to the controlling PC for logging. Over-voltage, over-current, and over-power protection capabilities are provided to avoid damage to a connected unit under test, while thermal protection features protect the supply itself.

The 1U-high BENCH power supplies measure just 1.73 x 8.82 x 10.30 in. and weigh only 5.8 lbs, with a rack-mount kit optionally available. An important point to note is that these supplies are 70% smaller and priced at half the cost of the industry's leading power supplies. 

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