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High-Efficiency Flatpack2 48 Volt / 3000 Watt Rectifier for Data Center Applications

High-Efficiency Flatpack2 48 Volt / 3000 Watt Rectifier for Data Center Applications

Eltek announced availability of the Flatpack2 48/3000 HE DC1, a new high-efficiency (HE) rectifier that provides reliable power for data center applications requiring front-end server power with or without battery back up.

DC power is just emerging as a lower-cost, higher efficiency solution for data centers, supplementing or fully replacing the use of AC power. DC power benefits data center operations by providing high-efficiency power conversion and reduced losses in energy transmission.

This higher-efficiency means power systems can be more compact with very high power density and can significantly reduce capex and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Flatpack2 48/3000 DC1 rectifier delivers on this promise with patented, high-efficiency technology that enables up to 97.2 percent peak efficiency levels. The rectifier provides uninterrupted 48V, either in combination with a battery on the output or in a battery-less application with redundant mains feeds. It also features ORing FET protection on output, ideal for battery-less applications.

Each Flatpack2 48/3000 HE DC1 unit measures 4.25" W x 1.61" H x 13" D and weighs only four pounds. The rectifier is compatible with all Flatpack2 modular power shelves, providing 12kW per 1U height in a 19" wide rack. This allows full flexibility to match current and future business demands, and enables data center applications to be scaled from a minimum of 3kW to a maximum of 3MW. The system also provides N+1 redundancy, at a minimum cost, for resilience and reliability, and a low mean time to repair.

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