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Down-Hole Power Supply

Down-Hole Power Supply


Behlman Electronics Inc. has announced that additional orders have been received for 200 of their Model BL1500 power supply. This brings the oil industry global total to over 1800 units.

The BL1500 is one of many Behlman power supplies that provide the highest levels of support for oil exploration, drilling, evaluation completion and intervention.

Although the Behlman BL1500 has been helping oil-industry companies succeed for seventeen years, it has been continuously improved to keep up with the leading edge of exploration technology. As a result, no matter how old or new the exploration system, BL1500 is the perfect choice for delivering ultra-reliable down-hole power.

The Behlman BL1500 unit is powered from 115 VAC, 47-63 Hz and provides two ranges of high-voltage AC at 60 Hz. Units can be stacked for increased power. Protective circuits include input, short circuit, constant current and thermal protection. BL1500 power supplies have an RS 485 interface, allowing the unit to be controlled and monitored remotely from a central station. It operates from 32 to 131 degrees F (0 to 55 degrees C), and has a high-strength 19-inch rack mount chassis 3.5" high x 21.5" deep (48.25 cm wide x 7.87 cm high x 54.61 deep).


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