Power Electronics

Convection-Cooled 120 Watt Power Supply

SL Industries SL Power Electronics announced the MINT1175, single output, open-frame medical power supply family. Packaged in 2 x 4 inch footprint (51 x 102 mm), the MINT1175 delivers 120 watts, the highest convection cooled power in such form factor, and up to 175 watts with forced air cooling above 90% efficiency. Exceeding the medical device strict requirements, the MINT1175 has the lowest earth leakage current with less than 200µA, satisfies 2MOPP reinforced isolation requirements ofIEC60601-1 3rd edition, and can be purchased as Class I or II configurations. The MINT1175 family ranges from 12 to 56V dc output and operates over -40 to 70C temperature range with standard interface signals.

The MINT1175 product line is certified by a 3rd body to the stringent EMC requirements for applications requiring Class B EMI and Class A, B, C & D of harmonic distortion part of IEC61000 standards. In addition, it has been HALT tested for durability and is offered with 3 year warranty. It is ideal for varied medical applications with space constraints and no airflow specially in home healthcare gadgets, table-top in-vitro diagnostics and laboratory equipment, and in portable imaging, surgical and therapeutic medical devices.

These supplies are readily available through SL Power's extensive distribution sales channels and offered at $88 for 500 piece orders.

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